Bone Weary Tired

I am sorry it has been so long since I posted… If there is a realm that exists beyond being bone weary tired, that is where I currently live morning, afternoon, and night. Walking 14,000 steps on Saturday at work and being verbally assaulted by an angry person who doesn’t want to wear a mask, has set me back what feels like weeks. Today, I could barely get through the day and am back tomorrow at 6am. So here am I, in my loosest sweats with my swollen Endobelly, drinking peppermint tea with honey, listening to Christmas music, yawning uncontrollably. I am ready for bed, but need to spend some time with my family. They have sacrificed so much for me during this healing process, I am so very lucky.

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of Endometriosis due to our bodies and immune systems being in a constant combative state. The body tries to rid itself of the inflammatory toxins, basically working in overdrive every day. And what causes inflammation my dear friends? EVERYTHING! On Saturday, my body felt in such a state of stress and with all of the walking, I could barely walk to my car. There was so much pressure in my pelvis, I was pretty sure my uterus was about to fall out onto the floor. What a sight that would have been!

There is definitely not the same pressure down there, but I had a sharp, gnawing pain on my right side this morning which felt too normal and made me super upset. Normal pains makes me feel like my Endo never left. I trust in my doctor and know that she got as much out as possible, so much so that just the pathologist who had to biopsy each thing taken out of me cost $5,200. Seriously!

So using all the energy I have left in me today, I am writing this blog post with lots of love and letting my Endosisters know I am here for you. I won’t give up! We can’t give up! There is too much at stake for all of us, from our fertility, to our quality of life, to the lives of those we love. We’ve got this ladies! After many hours of sleep, we’ve got this!

Sending Endolove,


Published by Molly Dale

I am the lucky step-mom to two amazing kids, a fur-mom to two beautiful pups, a wife to my wonderful husband. I live in Southern California, have a BA in Writing and Literature though have remained in retail since college. I have Stage 4 Endometriosis and am doing my best to share with as many who will listen about this terrible disease which inflicts so many women. I love spending any free time reading, watching movies with my family, spending time with my sisters, brother, parents, nephews, nieces ( I have a big family!), and going on walks. I am new to blogging and am excited to explore, share, and support in this space.

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