Surgery- Quick Update

Yesterday’s surgery was over 3 hours long. My doctor was a little delayed due to a previous surgery she had and I thought I would have a tremendous amount of anxiety while waiting. I did not. I was firm in my decision and was calmly waiting for my turn, for this new chapter.

This recovery feels much better than the last one so far. I am thankful the anesthesiologist recommended a motion sickness patch, a game changer for me when I woke up. No nausea! My doctor and the anesthesiologist both recommended do a t-dap of lidocaine in my belly, so when you get home, you are numb for multiple hours. I, unfortunately, am having to take the strong pain meds (not my favorite for my mental alertness and addiction runs in my family) but hoping I only take those for a few more days. My incision points are very tender!

My doctor informed me (it is a little fuzzy, keep in mind I had just woken up!) that she removed my uterus, cervix, right ovary, right fallopian tube, and barely salvaged my left ovary. It had a tremendously large cyst, which is unusual for that side. There was Endometriosis in all the places she did not excise from last surgery, and adhesions all over my right side. My last surgery was just November! What can I say? I am an Endo-overachiever.

I do know my doc stated we would have to come up with a game plan for the left ovary, which sounded a little ominous. At my age of 36, she does not want me to hit menopause due to the potential of dementia, heart disease, and cancer that can come down the road with early menopause. I feel confident we can come up with a plan together. I am so grateful for my doctor!

My overall feeling right now is relief. I know this was the right decision for me. I know that the path forward is going to be brighter, with less pain. I could not be more grateful for all of the love, the support, and the listening my family, friends, and co-workers have given me. My incredible husband sat out in the parking lot the entire day waiting for me, because he wanted to make sure he knew I was close, and with Covid he could not inside. I am blessed in so many ways, and know that I will overcome Endo.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing!

Sending Endolove,


Published by Molly Dale

I am the lucky step-mom to two amazing kids, a fur-mom to two beautiful pups, a wife to my wonderful husband. I live in Southern California, have a BA in Writing and Literature though have remained in retail since college. I have Stage 4 Endometriosis and am doing my best to share with as many who will listen about this terrible disease which inflicts so many women. I love spending any free time reading, watching movies with my family, spending time with my sisters, brother, parents, nephews, nieces ( I have a big family!), and going on walks. I am new to blogging and am excited to explore, share, and support in this space.

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