Post-Op Appointment Left Me In Tears

There has been so much hope in my heart but also a deep feeling of dread that I did not want to admit. I have had this feeling before, like when I was signing my consent forms for my misdiagnosed appendicitis with the possible outcomes of what would happen in surgery, I knew at thatContinue reading “Post-Op Appointment Left Me In Tears”

PMSing… Hard

Today is one of those days. Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, anything and everything you say will be held against you. The pain is getting severe, first period post surgery, and I am aching all over. My inside hurts, low back, uterus, and my emotions are seriously all over the place. UsuallyContinue reading “PMSing… Hard”

Sunday… 10 Days Post Surgery

Since giving up caffeine and the pain subsiding, I have been woken up with my internal alarm clock before 6:30am for the past 6 days. No amount of trying to count sheep, deep breathing, or peaceful thinking allows me to go back to sleep. My body has had over 8 hours of rest and isContinue reading “Sunday… 10 Days Post Surgery”