Tomorrow is the Day

It is 11pm the night before my surgery and I am up, crying, feeling uneasy but firm in my decision for tomorrow. My fertility does not define me, I keep telling myself, though it has for a very long time. I have been infertile for 8 years now, the only hope of fertility for meContinue reading “Tomorrow is the Day”

Has the storm passed?

It has been months since I have written. Months of living in what feels like a fog of sadness, grief and pain and despair so thick I cannot breathe at times. I was faking it for awhile, forced smiles and laughter and pushing my body to the brink every day. I can be strong! IContinue reading “Has the storm passed?”

So… tired…

This surgery has been physically more taxing than my previous two. Yesterday marked 7 days and I tried to tag along to the grocery store and a car ride. By the end of the hour and a half outing, I was beyond exhausted. I had pressure building in my belly, familiar aches that made meContinue reading “So… tired…”